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Wednesday, 27 May 2009


I am now 10, 285 into the new novel. Pretty good since that's only 4 and a half writing days spent on it so far.

its going okay, apart form the fact the mc's changed the plot a few times. I now know the ending - YAY.

Should have enough left to wrap this up before the 25k cut off. Am aiming for around 23k me thinks.

only thing i not worked out is.. does my villian

1. end up in a nice warm jail cell at her majesty's pleasure for eternity
2. end up dying in a hail of bullets
3. concrete boots

right now i veering towards number one, tho 3 might be fun to write. Thing is MMC can't kill him. So either he goes quietly or dies in a shoot out with police.

or.... hmmm maybe that would work... runs off to write it down


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