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Saturday, 28 February 2009

no one reads this and i dont' care. Means i can say what i want basically and not have someone yell at me cos they take it the wrong way. LJ being case in point.

J got her place at the other school.

I just having a bad day today. My 18ct gold bracelet i had for my 18th bday is irrepairable. The jewller made it into a smaller one to fit my girls but its not the same thing.
I couldn't get the fabric i needed for the doll.
the dragons didn't work so i threw them out.
and to rub it in, if S was serving on a Brit Base I wouldn't have to pay postage on her parcel. But cos she is in the USAF not the RAF I do!
Doesnt' it really matter which miliary it is?
She's still serving her country on active duty.

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