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Saturday, 13 February 2016

Adventures in crochet continue

For some reason I can't add photos from the iPad or phone. It tells me to download an app and then promptly tells me the app isn't available. Oh, the miracles of modern technology. So I shall email the photos to myself, download them onto the comp and edit this post later.

So today's blog is about my year long crochet project. A temperature blanket. There are loads of variations of this around right now, but I opted for a simple one. Using the basic granny square stitch,  a set of 3tc, c1, 3tc (for US ppl that's 3dc, c1, 3dc) with a foundation chain of 188 so it's wide enough for a double bed.

The colour depends on the average temp of the day, with a bit of white rows in if it snows. So far it's been from black, or below freezing, to pale green or 13C.

OK and having emailed a pic from the ipad to the comp, here it is.

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