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Friday, 11 December 2015

Carnations in January by Clare Revell

Yes, a break from the Christmas books for a second or two. Today sees the launch of my new series. 12 books for the 12 flowers of the year. One a month for the next year :)

After Grace Chadwick receives a surprise inheritance from her aunt–a house and a florist shop--she moves in after the funeral. While she doesn't know the first thing about flowers, she sees this an answer to her prayers--the new start she desperately needs.When Elliot Wallac drops by his new neighbor's house with casserole, he finds the house next door has problems. Damp walls and a sagging floor set his builders senses on alert. But this house needs more than a cosmetic fix, inspection reveals more extensive issues. Like Grace's spiritual life, the house is suffering from neglect at the very foundation. With God's guidance can Elliot help Grace repair her home and her faith before both are condemned?


Elliott glanced at her as he sat. “There must be someone who had time for you, surely?”
“No. Well, Aunt Tilja did, maybe, but she’s gone now. Everyone else was worried about finding Hope or saving Faith from one mistake after another. But I’m simply, well to use my nickname, which I hate by the way, Amazing Grace—the person who can do anything she puts her mind to. Only I can’t.”
“Tilja must have thought so. Otherwise why leave you all she had? The shop, house, and so on.” He reached over the table and touched her hand, his fingers warm against her cold skin.
“She was wrong. I can’t do everything. I can’t do this for a start.”
“Don’t put yourself down. Look on this as a second chance. A chance to find both yourself and God.”
She held his gaze, wanting to jump into those clear blue eyes and drown. “Why would anyone want to find me? I’m no one, Elliott. No one important. I’m just—”
“You’re just Grace.” His tone was gentle, his gaze intense. “And Grace is important to a lot of people, even if they don’t show it. Come with me to church tomorrow, please. I’ll pick you up at ten. Or are you really intending to work?”


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