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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Test post

this is just to see if this works. Just added all the details to the iPad so I can post from here too.  The previous post was to show Dad how blogger works. Ok so let's put in a random photo.

 Wow look how long my hair used to be

Speaking of hair, I'm having it shaved off soon for charity. Links will be in another post.  
This is so strange doing it on the iPad not the comp. only this is I might need a photo app to access the pics on here. Let's try something.  No. So that's not gonna work cos this isn't an android tablet. Or a phone. Maybe there is another way. 

Anyway. This is me waffling randomly. And signing off to the opticians again. So tired of this now. But that is another long story. As is the fridge that ices up and drips water all over my food. Did you know that's normal behaviour for a fridge? Well according to the engineer that came out it is!!!

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