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Monday, 28 April 2014

Cover reveal part one

I recently sold a 12 book series to Pelican Book Group. The flowers of the year. So over the next three weeks I will show you the amazing covers that Nicola Martinez, graphic artist and editor in chief of Pelican Books made for the series. The whole series is planned for release in 2015

Carnations in January

Grace Chadwick receives a surprise inheritance from her aunt—a house and a florist shop. Not knowing the first thing about flowers, she moves in after the funeral. She sees this as the new start she needs.
Elliott Wallac lives next door. He does the neighborly thing and calls in with a casserole, only to find the house next door has problems. Damp walls and a sagging floor set his builders senses on alert.
When a huge storm drops a tree on the house, it reveals a rotten foundation. Can Elliot rebuild the house and Grace’s shattered faith, or are both condemned?

 Violets in February

When uptight missionary, Lucy Boyd is injured her only ride to the hospital 200 miles away is the scary looking guy who delivers their supplies every two weeks.  Not only is he scary, he's obviously quite heathen based on the heavy metal music blasting from his truck when he pulls into the compound, the earring in his ear, and his salty language.
Jed Gorman doesn't like people, especially Christians.  Shuttled from foster home to foster home after the death of his parents, he's had enough "Christian Charity" to last a lifetime.  The last thing he needs is that uptight missionary woman as a passenger. But when he sees that her knee is the size of a football he can't say no. It's going to be a rough ride, his truck is old, the monsoon season has hit and there are guerrillas in the jungle...

Daffodils in March

Only given a week’s notice in her current job, Eden Jameson is desperately looking for something new. Being a nanny for her best friend and sister in law, Hanna, is the ideal solution to both their problems.
David Painter has other ideas. Having a stranger in the house could ruin everything he’s worked so long to achieve. He needs to get rid of this nanny and fast.
When Hanna dies unexpectedly, the reading of the will is a shock—Eden and David have been left joint custody of the baby and joint ownership of the house. Can they overcome their differences or is it too late?

Sweet Peas in April

Adam West, a high powered lawyer gets the shock of his life when he arrives to meet a new client— she’s the wife he hasn’t seen since they separated when he left her ten years ago.
Sam Reece doesn’t need the added complication of working with her husband. She’s tried hard to put her failed marriage behind her, going back to her maiden name even though they never got divorced. The situation is bad enough as it is, but it seems Adam is the only person who can help.
Can they ever move past the tragedy of the past or will its long shadow prevent them ever working together?

come back next week for the next four covers.

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Tune Litter

A very short story.

Tune Litter.

One day, there was a little boy called Peter. He was walking home from school on his own, like he always did, because he didn’t have any friends. As he walked he saw something in the gutter. Normally he didn’t stop and pick up litter, one because he has this thing about getting his hands dirty, and two, because the other kids teased him enough as it was without giving them anything to encourage it.

But this thing in the gutter was shiny. It was so shiny it almost dazzled him and it might be a penny or even a pound coin that someone had lost. Granny used to encourage him to pick up the lost pennies and save them in a jar—but he hadn’t done that in a long time. So he checked both ways to make sure there were no cars coming, and he stepped off the curb to pick it up. It came up a lot easier than he expected, but wasn’t what he’d hope it would be.

It wasn’t a coin at all. It was a letter H. “Who’d want to drop a letter?” Peter asked himself.
Then he could almost hear Granny telling him that people dropped their H’s all the time. Especially when playing cricket. He’d heard them shout ‘owzat!’ when someone got bowled out. Grandad liked watching the cricket in the afternoons in the summer.

Peter had wondered where all the dropped letters went to. It seemed a shame to leave it alone in the gutter, lost and forgotten. Without an H, he’d live in an ’ouse not a house. So he slid it into his backpack, wiped his hands on his black school trousers and carried on.

A little further down the road he stopped. There was a strange sound coming from his backpack. He opened it and listened. It was coming from the H. It had to be. Almost sounded like it was singing but that was silly. Letters don’t sing. He knew that. But maybe this was tune litter and did sing.

Then from the pile of leaves by his feet he heard another noise. Just like the one coming from his backpack. He kicked the leaves and this time something red glinted from the verge. It was another letter. He picked it up and looked at it. A big red P for Peter.

He knew people dropped P’s—well his little sister did because she called him Etr. And there was the other way P’s got left lying around, but Mummy said that was disgusting and if he so much as thought about it, he wouldn’t sit down for a week. Peter knew Mummy loved him too much for that, but he wasn’t going to risk it just in case.

He put the P in the backpack with the H. Peter listened before he closed the bag. The letters were definitely making a tune of some kind. Each one a different note, but it didn’t clash, like some of the music his older brother played.

A little further down the road, Peter spotted something else. This was something yellow, sticking out from the rose bush. He didn’t want to pick it up, because he might stab himself on the thorns. But it too was humming a note and he knew it would be far happier with its friends in his bag.

Slowly he reached in, and pulled out the letter. It was a G. Auntie Flo dropped those all the time. She’d say flippin’ not flipping. Daddy said they should call her Auntie ’Lo, but he never did. He slid the letter into his backpack and the tune became happier.

As he walked he found more and more letters. Each one dirty and discarded and just thrown away. There was the F and the S and the D and the C. All cuss words carelessly used and tossed around without thinking.  All the hateful words that get used to describe people someone doesn’t like, like I or B or T or J. 

All the words he never dared use because they were naughty words.

There was even an M where someone had been mean about their mummy and just dropped her casually by the side of the road. Something Peter would never do.

When Peter got home, he hugged Mummy and gave her a kiss. She gave him a kiss back, and then gave him a drink and a biscuit. He could smell dinner cooking. It didn’t matter how busy Mummy was during the day, she always had time for a hug and to make him dinner. And to tidy his room and make his bed when he forgot, which he did sometimes, because he was only nine.

Then he went up to his bedroom and laid all the letters he’d found on the floor. They were still singing or humming, and although the sound was happier together than alone, it still sounded sad.
He looked at the letters and put them in order.

A. B. C. D. F. G. H. I. J. K. M. N. P. Q. R. S. T. U. W. X. Y. Z.

It didn’t look right.

Peter counted them. One, two, three… He got all the way up to twenty-two.

He was sure that wasn’t right.

“Mummy, how many letters in the alphabet?” he asked.

“Twenty-six,” she called back.

And he only had twenty-two. What was missing? Peter looked again. He pulled out the paper Grandad gave him to draw on and the crayons Daddy had given him and carefully wrote down the missing letters.


Hmmm. Peter wrote them again, this time next to each other. E. L. O. V.

It almost spelled love.

Peter smiled. It did. He changed the order of the letters. LOVE.

Where were the missing letters? That had to be why the letters were sad, because it was love that made you happy.

The love that your mummy and daddy had for you. They loved you even when you did bad things and said things that you shouldn't. 

Just like Jesus did. And people threw His name away all the time.

He looked at the letters. He couldn’t make Jesus or God. Because the letters were missing. That, he told himself, is because God is Love. They sung about that in Sunday School and in church.

He had to find the missing letters. To make the tune litter he’d found happy. But where would he find Love?

Peter smiled. He knew exactly where he’d find love. 

He ran downstairs to the kitchen to where Mummy stood by the stove, stirring something yummy in a saucepan. Right there, by her feet was a shiny letter L. He picked it up and put it into his pocket. Three more to find.

He went upstairs to his older brother’s room. He wasn’t in, but peeking out from under the bed was a shiny orange V. Under his little sisters dolls cot he found a sparkly pink E. That just left the O.

But as hard as he looked Peter couldn’t find an O anywhere. And he didn’t have time to look any further because Daddy was home and it was dinner time.

At dinner Mummy looked at him. “Are you all right, Peter? You look sad.”

Peter told her about the letters and about how the tune they made was sad because love was missing. He’d hunted everywhere, but he was still missing the O. The one letter that would make everything complete.

Then he looked at Daddy. Peeking out of Daddy’s shirt pocket was something round and yellow.
Daddy smiled at him.

Peter climbed off his chair and ran to Daddy. He reached up and pulled the O from Daddy’s pocket. Then he ran upstairs and put the O with all the other letters.

Almost at once their tune changed and became happy. That’s what they needed. They needed love and to be together in a family.

© Clare Revell 2014

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Waiting for Lily Bloom - Jericha Kingston

James Bloom has prayed three years for rain and five years for a wife. His dreams are demolished on Palm Sunday, 1935, when a catastrophic dust storm hits Oklahoma, and his neighbor’s niece has to ride out the storm at his house—overnight. The next day, he’s forced to marry her, an East coast city girl who can’t speak. Could this be God’s plan?
Condemned to a future married to a stranger in the dusty Oklahoma wasteland, Lily Driggers longs for her home. Yet somehow, her new husband is the only one who understands her silence.
As Easter approaches, Lily and James wonder if there is hope after the storm.

She looked to the front porch where James stood, his face leached of color.
“Walk toward me as fast as you can.” His voice cracked. “Now, Lily.”
What? The bully was at it again, this time issuing orders. She sighed and stepped off her rung on the fence. Mr. Bloom was about to learn she didn’t obey tyrants. She released the top plank and would’ve turned to go, but something in his voice startled her.
“Don’t look back, Lily. I’m begging you. Come to me.”
She glared at him.
His face crumpled, and he bounded off the porch and ran toward her.
The beast was chasing her! And he looked…crazed. No. Terrified. The only other time she’d seen such a look was when—
Everything turned red. She was enveloped in a cloud. Fine dust stung her eyes and throat, choking her. She gasped, inhaled dirt, and coughed. Her mouth snapped shut, sand grinding between her teeth. She closed her eyes and hid her face behind the flimsy sleeve of her dress, protecting her nose and mouth. But it was no use.
Shaking. The earth was shaking. Wind gusted, shrieked and moaned, almost as loud as her racing heart. Would it burst right through her chest? What’s happened? Is this a tornado?
Wind-driven sheets of dust blasted into her flesh like piercing needles. She tasted dirt, smelled dirt, cried dirt.
“Lily, grab the fence.” James coughed and sputtered. “The fence!”
She tripped over her own feet to reach the corral and latch on. She clung there, wind and dust swirling around her, lifting her braid up into the air. Please, God, help me!


James rose and walked to the window. The storm raged on. He’d seen dust storms in his life, but never the likes of that cloud wall. It was like a great partition, separating heaven from hell. Saved from lost. And he was on the wrong side. He swallowed, watching the destruction blow past, taking his dreams with it. Had he done something he shouldn’t? Had he failed to do something he should’ve? Surely this was the judgment of God.
Were his friends and neighbors spared? Many were going hungry already, had babies to feed. Only God knew how many were affected.
A faint cry reached his ears. Was that…did he hear Fitz? Myrtle? He strained, listening for his horses, but the wind roared, swallowing the calls of its captives. He gripped the window sill. If the animals survived, it’d be a miracle.
What can I do, Lord? If the storm continues, I’m finished. The land would be devastated. What if he lost Dad’s farm? He rubbed a shaking hand over his eyelids.
He walked back to Lily. Her hair gleamed. Thick, dark lashes rested against her pale cheeks. She’d curled her feet up in the chair and turned to her side. The quilt was pulled up to her chin. Her head tilted forward slightly, completely relaxed in sleep. Even breaths. In and out. Calm in the destruction. A picture of peace and beauty as his world blew away.




Where to purchase Waiting for Lily Bloom:

Character interview

Tell us your name and a little bit about yourself?
My name is Lily. I'm 28. I'm mute.
Tell us about where you live and why you choose to live there?
I lived with my father in Savannah, Georgia a week ago, but I came to visit my aunt and uncle in Oklahoma, and unwillingly became a resident. And a wife. And a foster mother.
What is a quirk of your personality that most people wouldn't know?
I'm too curious, which often lands me in the worst predicaments!
Name two things would you hate people to know about you?
First, how difficult it is for me to forgive.  Second, if I could talk, I'd feel guilty voicing the unkind thoughts in my heart. 
Tell us about your special lady/bloke. What makes her/him special? 
James is kind and brave. He risked his life to save mine.
The first time you saw her/him, what did you think? Did you like her/him immediately, or did she/he have to grow on you?
Grow on me? He infuriated me! He threw me over his shoulder like a sack of wheat! 
What would he/she hate people to know about her?
That he threw me over his shoulder like a sack of wheat.
What is your favourite thing to eat and drink?
Miss Washington's ham biscuits and cinnamon apples.
If you had to fight, what would be your weapon of choice and why?
My fists, because they work well. 

And now some silly questions. I presume you mean me, and not Lily :)

Pepsi or coke
Ginger Ale
tea or coffee
Decaf green tea
elephant or tiger
roast dinner or burger and chips (fries for our US readers)
Must I choose? Both sound lovely.
classical music or pop
Either, depending on my mood.
sunrise or sunset
walk or run
chocolate or crisps (chips for our US readers)


Monday, 21 April 2014

Bloom and Doom by Beverly Allen

As the co-owner of The Rose in Bloom, Audrey Bloom creates magnificent flower arrangements for brides to be. Though helping to plan a wedding can be stressful, it’s nothing compared to the groom turning up dead. 

A designer of eye-catching bridal bouquets—many of them based on the Victorian meanings behind each flower—Audrey Bloom is used to celebrations that end with happily ever after. In fact, every couple she’s worked with is still together, living in wedded bliss. But her perfect record is about to be broken.

Her childhood friend Jenny Whitney has reeled in the most eligible bachelor in Ramble, Virginia, and she’s hired Audrey to design the bouquet. But before Jenny can walk down the aisle clutching her blend of anemone, scabious, and pussy willow (a floral disaster in Audrey’s mind), the groom is found dead—sprinkled with bits of a bouquet. This is bad for business—not to mention for Jenny, who has become the prime suspect. So Audrey decides to do a little digging herself, hoping she won’t be the next Ramble resident pushing up daisies…

Beverly Allen (aka Barbara Early) holds a degree in engineering, but her creative streak caused her to run screaming from the pocket-protector set. She enjoys cooking, crafts, gardening, home-improvement projects, board games, and spending time with her husband, daughter, and four naughty but adorable cats.

Buy links:

Character Interview: Audrey Bloom

Tell us your name and a little bit about yourself?

Hi, I'm Audrey Bloom, and I'm a floral designer. I specialize in creating bridal bouquets (and other wedding flowers) using the old language of flowers. I enjoy using flowers specifically chosen because their meanings relate to the bride's personality or relationship with her future spouse. Maybe there's something magical in that, because I just learned that all of the brides who have carried one of my bouquets down the aisle are still together with their grooms!

Tell us about where you live and why you choose to live there?

I live in the small town of Ramble, Virginia. It's a cozy little town, and I have fond memories of spending my childhood summers in the area with my dear Grandma Mae and my cousin Liv. After Grandma Mae passed, Liv and I used the money she left us to put a down payment on the small shop right on Main Street. We called it Rose in Bloom, since she's Olivia Rose and I'm Audrey Bloom...but I guess I already said that.

What is a quirk of your personality that most people wouldn't know?

That they wouldn't know? Hmm. They might not know that I love old movies, especially musicals. I sing the songs when I'm in the shower. Well, my neighbor actually does know that, since he's constantly pounding on the walls. And I have a crush on Cary Grant.

Name two things you would hate people to know about you?

Like any woman, I guess my weight. I'm not exactly obese, but I'm not part of the health club set with all that sweating and juicing either.

And the second thing I'd hate people to know is probably why I switched careers and became a wedding florist. Liv knows, and I'm sure it's going to come out eventually, but...

Tell us about your special bloke. What makes him special? 

Well, nobody right now. I just went through a nasty breakup with Brad--aka Brad the Cad. The thing that makes him special to me right now is just how good his face looks on my dartboard.

But I did just meet this guy. His name is Nick and he just opened up a new bakery in town.

The first time you saw him, what did you think? Did you like him immediately, or did he have to grow on you?

When I met Brad? Oh, I thought it was love at first sight. Enough to slap that silly notion right out of my head.

Or did you mean Nick? When I first saw him, for some reason--maybe because he was dressed all in white in his bakers' clothes--I thought of the moonflower, which means, "I only dream of love." But I'm really not sure I'm ready for another relationship right now.

And now some silly questions.

Pepsi or coke


tea or coffee


elephant or tiger


roast dinner or burger and chips (fries for our US readers)

yes, please!

classical music or pop

broadway showtunes

sunrise or sunset


walk or run


chocolate or crisps (chips for our US readers)


Thursday, 17 April 2014

Hearts Haven Week. Love in the WINGS by Delia Latham

Church secretary and praise team leader Aria Robbins isn't happy when she  has to work with the new youth minister. She also has to grin and bear it when he moves into the cottage next to hers at Heart's Haven...but she doesn't have to like him. Truth is, she'd be much happier if Corbin Bishop would take his charm and his big, fancy ideas right back to Austin where he belongs.

When a spiritual attack on Angel Falls lands Aria and Corbin on the battlefront as part of a team of prayer Warriors in God's Service (WINGS), they must fight for their town, their church, and their pastor, and Aria sees Corbin in a whole new light.

But emotional scars from an unspeakable childhood have distorted Corbin's acceptance of certain Scriptural truths, and Aria won't trust her heart in the hands of a man whose faith is unsure. Aria wraps her prayer wings around him tightly. Will Corbin finally trust God to heal his soul?

Set against a chilling backdrop from the very first paragraph, this book pulls you into a spiritual battle for the souls of Angel Falls and Heart’s Haven. I found I could only read it in the daylight, because of my own personal history with that kind of thing. Set against this you have two characters, who really don’t get on at first, yet even that fits the mood of the story perfectly.
I cried, shivered and smiled through this story.
The WINGS from the title of the book are prayer warriors, praying for their community and pastor and I think that is something every church should set up.

Buy link:

Interview with the main characters from Love in the WINGS

Clare: Tell us your name and a little bit about yourself.
Hero: Hi, Clare! Thanks for inviting us to chat with you. I’m Corbin Bishop, a youth minister at The Falls Tabernacle in Angel Falls, Texas. And the pretty lady here with me is—
Heroine: Excuse me, Corbin Bishop! I can speak for myself, thank you very much. (Shoots the hero a withering glance.) Hi, Clare! My name is Aria Robbins. I’m Pastor David Myers’s secretary at The Falls Tabernacle. Well…that’s one of my jobs. The other is at a jewelry design company called Jewels for the Kingdom, which is owned by Pastor David’s wife, Pia. She’s my best friend, and we have a great time working together.
Corbin: Aren’t you going to tell her about—?
Aria: Corbin! (Rolls eyes and offers Clare an embarrassed smile.) He wants you to know that I’m the praise team leader at The Falls Tabernacle. For some reason, Corbin thinks that’s important, but I do it because I love it. Singing is such a huge part of who I am…and I love working with the worship team.
Clare: Tell us about where you live and why you choose to live there? Aria, why don’t you go first this time.
Aria: Well, as Corbin mentioned—without waiting to be asked, of course—we live in Angel Falls, Texas. It’s a lovely little town in the Angelina National Forest of East Texas. Corbin and I both have cabins in Heart’s Haven, which is truly a blessed and wonderful place to live. There’s a precious legend of love surrounding the place, and the owner, Mr. Andrew Hart, is—”
Corbin: (A frustrated groan.) Please, Aria…don’t do this.
Aria: (Completely ignores him.) Mr. Hart speaks with angels! Folks say they hang out at Heart’s Haven, and there are all kinds of stories about various tenants having divine encounters with them.
Corbin: (Huffs out a breath.) You had to say it, didn’t you?
Aria: I wanted to say it. I love being a part of a place that’s touched by the divine.
Clare: What is a quirk of your personality that most people wouldn't know? Corbin?
Corbin: Hmm…I don’t think I’m a quirky person.
Aria: (With a sugary smile) I can answer this one for him, if you’d like…
Corbin: (Hurriedly) I don’t think so. OK…well, I guess I’m kind of obsessive about my appearance. It’s kind of a…I don’t know, a—“
Aria: A fa├žade. You gotta make a good impression on absolutely everyone. Gotta dress perfectly, have every hair in place, speak eloquently, live—”
Corbin: So I like to be well thought of. What’s wrong with that?
Aria: (Harrumphs) Let me count the—
Clare: OK, then. Aria, what about you? Personality quirks?
Aria: (Blushing) Sorry about that, Clare. Corbin and I tend to bring out the worst in each other sometimes… (Pulls in a deep breath.) I’m not quirky at all. Just your ordinary, everyday—
Corbin: Umm...I can answer this one for you…?
Aria: (Glaring, as politely as possible with Clare looking on) I don’t think so. OK. Umm…Well, I don’t know…uh…
Clare: (Grinning behind her hand) It’s all right, Aria. You don’t have to answer anything that makes you uncomfortable. Let’s try another question. How about this—name two things you would hate people to know about you?
Aria: (Laughing) I’m pretty much an open book. Really. But if had something I wanted to hide, I doubt I’d just blurt it out in an interview.
Corbin: (Also laughing) For once, we are in complete agreement.
Clare: Nothing to share then? Truthfully?
Corbin: (With a heavy sigh) Well, since you put it that way…I wouldn’t want anyone to know about my childhood. But that’s all I’m saying. I’d really prefer not to share anything more about it.
Clare: That’s fine. No problem at all. Aria, what book are you currently reading?
Aria: Oh, how I wish I had more time for reading! I’m always so busy. I’m trying to find time to read Boo Hiss, by Rene Gutteridge. So far, I’m loving it.
Corbin: (Chuckles)
Clare: (Hurrying to stop any possible argument) And you, Corbin?
Corbin: I don’t really do a lot of pleasure reading, but interestingly enough, I’m in the middle of a great book right now—one Pastor David recommended it. And the Angels Were Silent by Max Lucado.
Aria: (Grins and opens her mouth to speak)
Corbin: (Just drop it, Songbird.)
Clare: Corbin, tell us about your special lady. What makes her special?
Corbin: She’s beautiful and feisty, has a heart just about as big as the state of Texas, and a voice…man, my woman sings like a bird!
Clare: She sounds somehow familiar… How about you, Aria? Is there a special man in your life?
Aria: (Blushing) I think so, but…well, I’m not sure he knows it yet.
Clare: Hmmm... The first time you saw him, what did you think? Did you like him immediately, or did he have to grow on you?
Aria: (Laughs out loud) He definitely had to grow on me. The first time I saw him, I thought, “You need to turn around and go back to wherever it is you came from.”
Clare: (Laughing) And now some silly questions. Pepsi or coke
Corbin: Coke
Aria: Pepsi
Clare: Rain or snow and why
Aria: Rain. I love the sound of it on the roof when I’m in bed. I sleep like a baby.
Corbin: Snow. Because it looks so beautiful in—uhm…in a certain girl’s hair and eyelashes.
Clare: Tea or coffee
Simultaneously, with a special look at each other, and even a smile) Texas sweet tea!
Clare: Elephant or tiger
Corbin: Never thought about it. Both, I think.
Aria: Definitely tiger. They’re such beautiful animals!
Corbin: And yet you tell me I’m too “into” my looks. (Laughing)
(Clare rushes into the next options)
Clare: Roast dinner or burger and chips (fries for our US readers)
Corbin and Aria, loudly and simultaneously: Pizza!
Clare: Classical music or pop
(Again with the laughter and simultaneous answer)
Contemporary Gospel
Clare: Sunrise or sunset
(Aria and Corbin look at each other, and Clare knows these two are head over heels in love—even if they don’t know it themselves…)
Aria, very softly: Definitely sunset
Corbin: (Clears throat) Yeah. Me too. Sunset, without a doubt.
Clare hesitates, then decides to leave it alone.
Clare: Walk or run
And they do it again, in complete unison, they’re gazes locked: Walk
Aria continues in a whisper: Absolutely. Very long walks.
Clare: Chocolate or crisps (chips for our US readers)
Aria and Corbin don’t even hear. He holds out his hand. Aria places hers in it.
Clare shrugs and leaves without saying good-bye. She has a feeling they don’t even know she’s gone.

Bio:  DELIA LATHAM is a born-and-bred California gal, raised in a place called Weedpatch and currently living in the lovely mountain town of Tehachapi with her husband and a spoiled Pomeranian. She enjoys multiple roles as Christian wife, mother, grandmother, sister and friend, but especially loves being a princess daughter to the King of Kings. She has a "thing" for Dr. Pepper, and loves to hear from her readers. Contact her through her website or send an e-mail to delia@delialatham.net. Find her also at the following online locations:

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Hearts Haven Week Designed by Love by Mary Manners

Traci Stanton's dream is to own a cake shop. The cramped kitchen at her Heart's Haven apartment isn't exactly an ideal space for creating her masterpieces. Plus her new neighbor, Dylan, has become a constant distraction with his DJ business and the ever-present explosion of event music as he tweaks playlists.
 Dylan Jones blew into Angel Falls like a hurricane desperate to leave the memories of a mission gone awry. A former Navy SEAL, he's got no desire to live with deadlines and boundaries or to take orders from anyone--ever again. If only Traci would quit distracting him with the aroma of her sweet confections and lilting voice singing hymns as she works. Dylan has no place for the God who let him down and claimed the life of his fellow SEALs.
Will Dylan ever leave the past--and his anorexic faith--behind and allow God to calm the raging storm in his soul?

I could so relate to the way this story starts as it happens a lot in this house. Nice and quiet one minute and then BOOM. Traci and Dylan are total opposites, different tastes in music and cakes, And when disaster strikes right at the start, it seems as if they will never see eye to eye. This one kept me riveted to the pages, from one heart stopping moment to the next.

Mary Manners is an award-winning romance writer who lives in the beautiful foothills of East Tennessee with her husband Tim and the cherished cats they've rescued from local animal shelters...Lucky and Gus.
Mary’s debut novel, Mended Heart, was nominated Best Inspirational Romance and was finalist for the Bookseller’s Best Award and her follow-up, Tender Mercies, was awarded an outstanding 4 ½ star rating from The Romantic Times Book Reviews and was also a finalist for the Inspirational Readers Choice Award. Buried Treasures, her third novel, was named Book of the Year by The Wordsmith Journal. Light the Fire took top honors for the Inspirational Readers Choice Award while Wisdom Tree garnered National Excellence in Romance Fiction. Mary was named Author of the Year by Book and Trailer Showcase. She writes romances of all lengths, from short stories to novels—something for everyone.
Learn more about Mary Manners at her website: www.MaryMannersRomance.com.

 Character Interview:

Tell us your name and a little bit about yourself?

I’m Wyatt Cutler, oldest brother in the Cutler Clan. I’ve just come home to Clover Cove to help manage the family nursery, but I’m not happy about this new and unexpected fork in the road.

Tell us about where you live and why you choose to live there?

I was living happily in New York City…great job and all the fancy grown-up toys. I traded that all in to come home. Ouch.

What is a quirk of your personality that most people wouldn't know?

I love coffee with lots of cream and sugar, but that isn’t very manly so I choke it down black. Works for me. I also belt out tunes to the radio while driving in my truck. Shh…don’t share that. (opps too late. sorry)

Name two things would you hate people to know about you?

I’m impatient and sometimes, well…I question God

Tell us about your special lady. What makes her special? 

Kami Moretto…she’s beautiful inside and out. I’ve loved her for as long as I can remember but coming home and seeing her again…it just blew me away.

The first time you saw her, what did you think? Did you like her immediately, or did she have to grow on you?

It was definitely love at first site. But all I could think was to run away…fast. She scared me. My feelings frightened me.

And now some silly questions.

Pepsi or coke         Sweet tea all the way

tea or coffee           Coffee…black

elephant or tiger     Tiger

roast dinner or burger and chips (fries for our US readers)     Definitely burger and fries

classical music or pop     Classical (think slow dancing with Kami) or pop if I’m belting it out in the car

sunrise or sunset      Sunset, for sure

walk or run     walk…hand in hand

chocolate or crisps (chips for our US readers)    always chocolate. I’m a chocoholic (wink)

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Hearts Haven Week. Wounded Grace by Tanya Stowe

Madison Harper is glad to be alive after a devastating skiing accident. She loves her new community, too. There's something peaceful about the Heart's Haven cottages. Madison wakes up every morning, praising the Lord and basking in constant sunshine--until the day Andrew Hart collapses from a massive heart attack and dies. When widower Lance Dalton arrives to help his sister bury her husband. He and Madison agree to bury the hatchet from their turbulent past. But no matter how hard they try, they seem to bring out the worst in each other. Their verbal battles uncover too many old hurts, mistaken paths, and hidden feelings.  Can these two embittered souls ever hope to find peace and healing or has the healing peace of Heart's Haven died with Mr. Hart?

My Review:
This story had me in tears on page five. One of those heart stopping...no you can't do that moments. This isn't a spoiler if you've read the blurb. Later on I wanted to bash the character's heads together or tell them to grow up. And I smiled and chuckled. It's rare a book will produce such a torrent of different emotions and Wounded Grace certainly delivers on that front. Combine it with a story where you actually care what's going on and you have a winning combination that you will want to read over and over again.

Tanya Stowe is an author of Christian Fiction with an unexpected edge. She fills her stories with the unusual…gifts of the spirit and miracles, mysteries and exotic travel, even an angel or two. No matter where Tanya takes you…on a journey to the Old West or to contemporary adventures in foreign lands…be prepared for the extraordinary.

And now the character interview:
Tell us your name and a little bit about yourself?

My name is Madison Harper.  I had a horrible snow skiing accident two years ago andI almost lost my life.

Tell us about where you live and why you choose to live there?

I live at Heart’s Haven. My good friend Vivien Hart invited me to stay and I’ve found a peace and a new purpose here. I don’t ever want to leave.

What is a quirk of your personality that most people wouldn't know?

I used to have a very lucrative decorating business and spent my time in suits and heels. Now I love to dig in the dirt and am most comfortable with a sun hat, gloves and a shovel in my hand!

Name two things would you hate people to know about you?

I may seem organized and accomplished on the outside but inside I’m an insecure teenager and please don’t look in my closet or my drawers!

Tell us about your special bloke. What makes him special?

Lance Dalton is an amazing man. I’ve loved him forever…everyone loves him. He’s strong, sincere, dependable. He cares and it shows. People are drawn to Lance and his core strength.

The first time you saw him, what did you think? Did you like him immediately, or did he have to grow on you?

I loved Lance almost from the first time I met him.

And now some silly questions.

Pepsi or coke

Neither. I can’t afford the calories or the caffeine.

tea or coffee

Both. One cup of latte in the morning and herbal teas throughout the day. Still avoiding that caffeine.

elephant or tiger

Tiger. Definitely.

roast dinner or burger and chips (fries for our US readers)

I love a good burger with pickles, onions and fries.

classical music or pop

Pop. Can’t stop dancing when I hear those beats…even if movement is restricted with my bum leg after the accident.

sunrise or sunset

Both. They are both God’s paintings and I catch them when I can.

walk or run

Walk. My leg doesn’t allow me to run for any distance.

chocolate or crisps (chips for our US readers)

Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate.