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Friday, 21 September 2012

Five sentence Friday

Well unlike last week which dragged - this weeks gone a tad faster, but not by much.

Today's five sentences come from my up coming release Tuesday's Child - releases in both print and ebook on all sides of the pond on Oct 19th. And it's exciting cos the book is now up on the coming soon page on the publishers website

Adeline btw, is deaf. Writing a deaf heroine was a challenge but I loved it. Ben is her hearing dog.
Nate is the hero. In this scene he's leading a self defence class.

And your excerpt is:

An arm went around her throat choking her, and another arm grabbed her waist. Panic filled her and everything she’d been taught went out of her mind. She struggled hard, seeing Ben leap to his feet and come running across.
She brought her left foot up sharply against Nate’s shin and then stomped on his foot. At the same time she flung her head back as hard and fast as she could, feeling something crunch as she did so.

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