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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Godmachine - a review of the film starring Robert Leeshock

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love science fiction. Whether it’s TV, movie, radio or book. From Dr Who through Blake’s Seven, all the Star Treks, Battlestar Galactica, Earth Final Conflict, First Wave, StarGate SG1 – even going to several UK Stargate conventions, and annoying the kids by watching TV going met him, met her, been hugged by him, want to see the photo of me and him…  Not to mention writing sci-fi fanfic. In fact my writing started in fanfic, which is probably still out there somewhere under my internet name. At least the Stargate stuff. The Blake's Seven stuff is handwritten and under the bed.

I’ve even made Dad and Hubby drive miles out of their way so I can take photos of places with names the same as sci-fi characters. (Bridge of Cally for example. Actually there was a huge queue of traffice behind us 2 weeks ago when Hubby stopped the car for me to take a photo of said signpost. It's here if you really want to go look. Once you finished this post.) (And honestly why do you think the hero of Wednesday's Child is called Liam!)

So when I heard of Godmachine—a new sci-fi short starring Robert Leeshock (Earth Final Conflict) I was desperately hoping it’d be released in the UK. Most Canadian stuff takes years to get over here, if it does at all, then it's on a remote TV channel and never on DVD. To my joy the link to it was posted on his FB page so I could watch it. More than once =)

The short film is a promotional piece for a larger feature film in development using the characters, themes, and setting of the GodMachine universe. (And hopefully it'll get to the UK when released.)

Blurb: (yeah I know that's the writer's term, but my mind went blank)
GODMACHINE is the story of John Lee (Robert Leeshock), a PTSD-ravaged war veteran sent by the CEO of the Chinamerica Corporation (Von Flores) to destroy the source of the Khodamaha, a computer virus capable of granting sentience to artificial life.

The virus, however, has other plans for John, who himself becomes infected via his military implant technology.  John soon finds himself on a mysterious journey to rescue and protect Grace (Kiki Yeung), a female android also infected by the virus.  Unbeknownst to John, the Khodamaha has enabled Grace, through the corruption of her voice software, to sing the frequency of the Big Bang -- thereby "rebooting" his unconscious mind.

Upon repairing John's damaged psyche, the two become the "Adam and Eve" of a new Machine Age, able to harness the virus's power to heal man and machine alike, and end Chinamerica's technological stranglehold over all life on Earth.


“Even in the dark corners of hell awaits redemption.” - Godmachine

Godmachine is a well written, gritty short movie which packs as much thought provoking action into its 22 minutes than some films have in 3 hours. It's multi-layered story line leaves the viewer wanting more. It has a villain – or two – a hero with flaws he makes no attempt to hide, and an unlikely heroine. It reminds me of the line from Jurassic Park – “Life finds a way.”

You can watch Godmachine here - http://vimeo.com/41889798

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