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Friday, 31 August 2012

Five sentence Friday

Saw this on a couple of blogs and thought why not. Guess its a variant of seven sentence Sunday which I don't do as I don't write on a Sunday. So here are 5 sentences from my WIP Sunday's Child that I just wrote :)

I think the moral of the story really is don't annoy the writer or she will put you in a book and kill you.

The whole bridge shuddered, visibly moving as a huge wave knocked against it. Metal screeched and twisted with a loud creak, swiftly followed by a noise unlike anything she’d ever heard before. A long metallic groan, a whoosh of water that shot up into the sky and the wind howled and moaned.
As the spray cleared, Hattie’s eyes widened and she rubbed them, not wanting to believe what she was seeing. The central span of the bridge, and the lights of the train, was gone.

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