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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

It's holiday time

We're all going on a summer holiday... First proper break in years. The parentals, me, hubby and four teenagers are off to Scotland. Driving...
Stopping overnight in Carlise on the way up and Gateshead on the way back down.

Anyway I will be off the grid and Netless for two weeks. I have a couple of posts scheduled so just cos I'm posting on here - posts automatically go to FB - doesn't mean I'm around. Not til Aug 17th

The Bridge of Earn - taken from where we'll be staying again

J, R and C back in 2004. Not sure what R did to C but must have been bad lol

Where we always stay. Brilliant place. Can't recommend it enough. (this is our 5th time so must be good)

Yes, tartan fabric does come from tartan sheep. Here's proof.

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