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Friday, 10 December 2010

Advent calender - day 10

Day 10 - and today you get a missing scene with Holly. The MC from Season for Miracles.

The letter was waiting for her when she got home from work. The postmark gave it away, even if she hadn't recognised her brother's handwriting. It was from Drew. Dropping her bag and coat to the floor, Holly ripped open the envelope, sinking down on the chair at the kitchen table to read. The card showed her brother, his wife and boys sitting on the beach, in swimsuits, wearing Santa hats. Inside was a letter.

Dear Holly,
Merry Christmas, sis. I know we speak on MSN and web cam and email, but you can't have a Christmas card without the boring family letter, can you? Only I ran out of them and can’t be bothered to print another one off. So (waves fingers and pokes out tongue) tough, you get me rambling on instead.

As I write this the kids are creating havoc. Something to do with the fact that Danny wants to put the Santa on the tree and Petie won’t let him. Still Karen can deal with that, as she’s decorating the tree. I did the outside lights, and that’s plenty for now. Did I tell you she’s pregnant again? This time it’s a girl. Mind you, the scan said Danny was, too, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

Do you remember that Christmas you broke your leg? You were so upset at having to be in hospital over Christmas. You cried and cried thinking Santa would never find you there. Think you were about eight or nine. I begged Dad to talk to the doctors to allow you home. Drove him nuts actually. It could be when he started to go bald.

Holly smiled. “I remember. Dad came and got me late Christmas Eve...”

He put you in my room as you insisted on sleeping with me. You wanted me to protect you from Jack Frost or something. But that wasn’t as funny as the year you refused to put the stocking at the bottom of your bed. You weren’t going to have...

“Some stranger in a red suit coming into my room in the middle of the night.” Holly laughed. "Dad so wasn't impressed."

Then there was the year we got snowed in and we found reindeer hoof marks in the snow on the front lawn. To this day I can’t figure out how Dad managed that one. Not that we get snow this far south but it’d be nice to know.

I miss you so much Hols, especially this time of year. It’s a shame you couldn’t come out with Mum and Dad. Maybe next year, because Christmas really isn’t Christmas without my baby sister here to annoy and wind up.

OK, I better go and play referee before those boys kill each other.

Love you sis. Always will.
Merry Christmas
Drew, Karen, Danny, Petie and Blob.


Delia Latham said...

Wow, Clare - you nailed the brother/sister thing on this! I love it!

Donna B said...

Sweet! Sweet! Sweet! What a great big brother!