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Saturday, 1 May 2010

writo de mayo

well its May 1st. And that means that writo de mayo is on. It's a bit like nanowrimo only its done in May and you pick your own target. My target is to finsih this WIP. Well actually I spent the last two hours, while hubby and kids 2 and 3 went shopping to stick my 3 WIP's into one. Yes its possible.

Kid 1 is still asleep. But then he's 15 and beds aren't to be got out of until at least 1pm on a day when there is no school. Apparantly.

I'd like to sleep in past 2am but cramps forbid that most of the month. TMI but am planning on going to the dr again this week - with hubby this time - and am hoping for a better outcome than "You're a woman, put up with it." or "It's normal. Don't worry about it."

Ummm 17 days out of every 27 is normal. Putting my life on hold for 4 days is normal cos I can't move or go out? Not being able to survive without my heated corn pad tied around my stomach and lots and lots of codine is normal??? Okkkkkkkkayyyyyyyyyy.

Enough of that.

I havent' cast this novelyet. But FMC Beth/Lucy and MMC Jack are demanding my atteniton. Tempted to make Jack older this time, but we'll see. And Beth/Lucy isn't cos I can't decide on a name. She put herself in the WPP thus her orig name is Lucy but she's now Beth. If that makes any kind of sense at all.

So writo de mayo target is complete novel and write 25k at least. depending when the edits for SFM come in.

starting today on 17,600

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Mom2three said...

I'm with you on the kids sleeping in. I'd be happy to sleep past 5:30 most days. I hope you're able to get some answers soon. When things are out of whack, it interrupts so many things! Can you change doctors that would be more intune to your issues and concerns?