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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

windows movie maker

Well i conquered the beast that is windows movie maker and made a book trailer. Only problem is I can't use the pics of the actor and actress cos they prob be copyrighted some place. And the only piece of music I found is also copyright. but then i knew that when i started. I just wanted to try it out.

and the words aren't exactly in the right place either. But was a first attempt.

Just wish I could find a free uncopyrighted version of silent night. As that's what i really really want to use and short of playing ti myself I can't find one. And my piano playing aint' that great. Sides it sounds better on the guitar and mine

a - needs a new g string (and i aint' going into the music store and asking for a new one of them!!!!) (for US ppls a g string here is a thong!)

and b - I can't play it how I want it done. And i don't know any guitarists.

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