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Sunday, 23 May 2010

It happened one hurricane - review

It Happened One Hurricane by Carla Rossi


When Pittsburgh native Amber Kensington moved to the Texas Gulf coast to take a job, hurricane season was the last thing on her mind. That is until a massive storm named Ike appears destined to make a direct hit just miles from her apartment. Evacuation is the answer, but what happens when your car won’t cooperate?

Alex Clarke has seen his share of tropical weather, but it never gets any easier. A childhood experience with lightning has left him fearful of storms. Still, his greatest desire is to participate in his church’s outreach program and assist hurricane victims. Now he’s discovered his new neighbor is stranded. Can he convince her to go with him? And can Amber and Alex find God’s comfort and healing despite the raging storm?


'This was it. A hurricane. A real live dangerous storm."
Written during the 5 day power outage of Hurricane Ike, Carla Rossi skilfully blends fiction and reality in `It happened one hurricane.' Plunged straight into the action from the outset, it follows Amber and Alex through Ike and out into the clean up on the other side. As well as the hurricane, both have their own personal storms to battle and over come. An action packed story, with heart warming characters, this well written tale keeps your attention from cover to cover.

It happened one hurricane is avaliable from White Rose Publishing or from Amazon.com

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