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Monday, 26 October 2009


Yes its almost time for 25 days of madness. Yes, I know there are 30 days in Nov. I don't write Sundays and there are 5 of them. Again. My name there is Tels.

Oh well, pressures good for you, right? And that's a round 2000 a day rather than the odd 1666.
Or something like that.

The pics not perfect but I'm not that good at photoshop and that image was like 5 layers and took me a good 3 hours, so I'm pleased with it. :) Its my book cover, sig on the nano forums and I even added a word count calandar to it for my desktop for Nov.

It's all planned in ywriter, all my scenes and plots points and all i want to do is write. The waiting is killing me lol. As usual I cast my novel so I can picture the MC and FC better.

Wildfire by CL Revell

Starring Brad Johnson (Left Behind, Safe Harbour) as Marc Chambers and Lucy Brown(Primeval) as Debra Turpin. Yes my MC's initials are really MC. Was so tempting to do the same with FC ;-)

Short synopsis

"The fire consumed me. That kind of love only happens once. It happened with your mother. She betrayed me and the fire died."

Love happens once in a life time. Once the rainbow has faded it never returns. Marc Chambers, widower, single father, is a man with a secret. A secret he is determined to keep at all costs. When he meets Debra Turpin, it starts a chain of events that lead the both in a direction neither expected or wants.

Just when they reach an understanding, circumstances overwhelm them and tragedy strikes as fire sweeps through the community. Will Marc reach Debra and his daughter in time? Or is he set to lose all he has left?

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Kaye Manro said...

Wow! This sounds like a fantastic story! Good luck with NaNo. You'll do great. You've planned it out well.

And I love the cover! It looks so pro. Good inspiration for you as you write too.