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Tuesday, 14 July 2009

What's in a name?

Trouble that's whats in a name. I have great problems in titling things. Whether it be books or just the characters. Sometimes they arrive in my head with a name. Other times they don't.

Take the new one. Working title of Stranger. No I don't know why. It just is. Anyway the hero, who I still haven't decided is Robert Leeshock or Ryan Reynolds, has given me his name, rank and serial number. Literally as it happens. Squadron Leader Jared Jason Hawkins, one of the RAF's finest pilots.

But the heroine? Ummm she can't remember. Actually she can't remember anything, her name, the hero or anything. So she can't tell me a single thing about herself.

Course I could ask Jared, but he's too busy being a flyboy atm.

I have spent 3 hours on the babynames site trying to find her a name. Got it down to two. And if she decides she doesn't like them its Tough. I'll put her back in a coma for antoher 3 weeks and write the story from Jared's pov.


And having found a template I like and uploaded it, I can't have it. Not if I want to keep all the widgets on the left hand side. I don't get it.

oh well. Just have to have the boring template then. Not a custom made one.

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