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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Mum read Piece of Sky. It took her a whole day lol. And for her that's an achievement. Normally she reads a little just before she goes to bed. But a whole 76k in a day!

She found a few typos that i missed and then i found some she missed. She kept correcting my spelling, not realising that color was deliberately spelt that way and not colour. But she liked it :) And yes she's biased but even so! :D

Hopefully i'll get it back from my CP soon then can send it back to TWRP and just cross my fingers again.

Still need a title for the new one. Tempted to cal it 'what plays in vegas' but i dunno. That implies erotic and its far from that. I'm sure one will come to me when i least expect it. like when i'm working at the school, or half way home and have no way of writing it down.

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