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Friday, 17 April 2009

Friday and poets day

Well teh writiings going okay I guess. I'm on chapter 14 atm and on page 152. Just to be confusing i'm also on page 156 cos I'm writing 2 sections at tthe same time. I'm averaging 10 pages or one chapter a day and as there is roughly 250 words per page thats... wow lots of words. :)

kids go back to school on monday, well 2 of the do. Bet i'll write less without the interupptions tho. lol

and i did a random search on facebook for robert leeshock, thinking maybe he had a fanpage or something. Uh no, did find him tho. or someone with the same name who looks just like him. and no i didn't friend him . wouldn't even consider it.

i did email hubby and tell him its poets day so he has to leave early, but i don't suppose it'll work because..."Sceince is not an exact subject. It doesn't finish at 5pm or 430 on a Friday."Wish it did. Hate being a commuting widow. :(

oh and in case you were wondering... Poets Day =


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