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Saturday, 28 March 2009

Yay the first three chapters of Tamlyn and Martin are finally done and I'm happy with them. No idea how she managed to end the chapter with him kissing her. And they'd only known each other about 6 hrs by that point, so thats pretty good going on her part. Struggling to keep it in her pov and not head hop but oh well. Think martin's had his pov twice in 32 pages.

what can i say. Tamlyn's a very decisive woman. Spoiled brat, but decisive. It still doesn't have a title. Might have to go consult my lj list and see what ones i have that i've not used yet.

Ugh, i'm covered with hair now. Just cut hubby's hair with the clippers, gave him a grade three, tho i did tell him it was a zero! And think i've got as much on me as he does on his back now. ;-) No point in changeing cos eldest son wants his done when he gets back from his mates house.

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